A Guide to your wood work tools

Wood work is a technical field and it can take years to develop the kind of skill that the wood worker experts possess. In order to gain expertise, practice is corroborated with the correct set of work tools. So, if you are beginner, here’s a guideline that you must follow when purchasing the work tools.

Chisels are one of the work tools that you will need – not just for wood carving but also to clean out saw cuts and joints.

Material and handling

The chisels with hardwood grip and material of high-alloy carbon steel or chromium-vanadium alloyed steel are the best option. The hardwood grip prevents the chisel from deformation.


The smallest chisels work best for mortise work. For learning the proper art of carving, you will need to purchase a collection of chisels of varying sizes. For door hinges, the chisels of ¾” and 1” size work the best. The chisel of 1½” cutting edge size is mainly used for chipping out. Most chisels have a 4 to 7-inch-long blade. The correct size will have to be determined in accordance with your shape carving requirement.

Maintenance and Safety measures

For proper carving and longevity of chisel, the metal must be oiled every time it is used and the edge caps must be kept sharp. Use a wood hammer along with the chisel so that the head of the chisel is not destroyed.

Safety precaution must be taken when purchasing and using the chisel. At the time of purchase, the purchaser will need to make sure that he/ she has a firm grip on the handle of the chisel. If the grip is not good, working with it can be dangerous and it may get the user injured. Do not buy chisels with small grips as you won’t be able to hold them steady while working.